There is great need for discipleship. Discipleship is not merely a regimental journey but is essentially a redemptive one. It is not about us receiving God into our life but about us entering into His life. This programme helps church leaders and their congregations to know that discipleship is not merely about our readiness but our rootedness. Hence, to be Christ like is the fruit of abiding in Christ and the chief mark of true discipleship.In this programme we use the ‘Finding YOUR Place in the World’ Manual

We use tSOAR material focusing on personal transformation then making disciples for Jesus Christ. We learn that discipleship call is not just “Jesus and me”, but other believers as well, in fellowship and as a safeguard from error.

1. T: time spend in reading and meditating on biblical scripture daily

2. T: truth that the Bible reveal to me

3. T: trust that Jesus is in control in all circumstances of my life

4. S: surrender my thoughts and actions to Jesus for guidance

5. O: obey as a servant through humility rather than pride

6. A: abide in Jesus means his voice is familiar to a disciple. He/she does not follow the         voice of strangers.

7. R: reconciliation means sharing the Gospel with Christians and non-believers whenever you are provided with opportunities

For more information write to us for a free copy of the book, “Finding Your Place in the World”